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Here you can find step-by-step guide for shopping with using coupon codes

DX shopping manual with coupon codes

1) Choose anything from action listed items for using coupon code

You can buy any items from action listed while you click to banner. Some price actions can be limited time offers.

2) Add item(s) to your cart

Simply add to your cart any items by clicking on the button. Don’t forget to choose your choosed parameters while presents.

3) Then click to “View Cart & Checkout” button

If you’re finished with your shopping, click to proceed your order on the button.
Of course, you may click on “Continue Shopping” if you wish to order any other items.

4) Re-check your order and quantity, and click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button

Check again if all you need is in your shopping cart and quantity is right, click to proceed on the button.
You will see standard Grand Total price now.

DX shopping manual with coupon codes

5) On checkout page locate on left bottom side + Have a coupon code? field

Look on left bottom part of page for PLUS (+) marked field.

DX shopping manual with coupon codes

6) Click on small PLUS, write your coupon code and the click on Apply button

Expand the PLUS (+) marked field and and place your coupon code. Then click on the near button to apply the coupon and get your sale.

DX shopping manual with coupon codes

7) Now you can see your sale %OFF, lower total price and how much $ you will save

Immediately after applying the coupon code you will see how much % is OFF and new lower price.
Bottom on the page you can see your Total Discount.


DX shopping manual with coupon codes

8) Finish your order by clicking to NEXT button and fill required address and contact details

By clicking on the NEXT button you will place your order. DealExtreme needs it to send your order to right address for you.

9) Pay for your order, and wait for your shippment 🙂

Pay for order with your preffered payment type as soon as possible and get confirm your order. Then just wait for your shippment 🙂


DX shopping manual with coupon codes


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