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Powerfull D5+ Android 5.1 Wi-Fi Silver Smart Watch

Buy and Love New D5+ Android 5.1 Wi-Fi Smart Watches ! These watches are very smart 🙂 Use them as smart accessories with your smartphone or just use them self like smartphone. You can use your SIM card directly in these watches like in your phone. Just plug the SIM and have smartphone in watches ! Inside them beats powerfull processor MTK6580 at 1,3GHz supported with 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM with a lot of free space for applications. It has buit in WiFi, Bluetooth and newest OS Android 5.1. All these parameters you can see on nice IPS LCD display with 360*360 pixels resolution rounded around whole watches. Also built-in Li-Pol battery lasts up to 72 hours of operatibility. Supports 2G and 3G networks with fast internet connection. Watches are made from silvered aluminium alloy with leather strap. Weight is 78g which is like normal watches on your hand. Waterproof ability is described with IP65 coverage. Are you interested now like me ? 🙂 Just look at them on Deal Extreme now at low price 110,94 USD (approx. 94 Eur) including worldwide free shipping ! Think about christmas gifts now without any stress and queues !


D5+ Android 5.1 Wi-Fi Smart Watches you can now buy at DX.comjust click here & buy

Price update: 15.12.2018

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